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Technical Training and Workforce Development

ITS Team

Basic training for new operators - demonstration by trainer Basic training for new operators - demonstration by trainer
Stephen C. Price - Owner
Heavy Equipment Training & Safety Specialist

International Training Services (USA) utilizes, qualified, experienced and dedicated training professionals each with over 25 years of industry experience behind them.

Our annual series of International courses and study groups are supported by subject matter experts, consultants and engineering professional from local universities, public and private civil engineering and construction companies throughout the Gulf South region of the USA.

Senior Consultant
Business Development & Training Design
Senior Training Consultant
Safety Compliance Specialist & NCCER Master Trainer
Manager Industrial Welding Program
Industrial Welding and Fabrication Specialist - NCCER
Training Specialist
Heavy Equipment, Cranes and Rigging - NCCER and NCCCO
Senior Training Specialist
Heavy Equipment, Forklift and Rigging - NCCER
Ernest LeDoux - Consultant
Computer Based Training/3D Technology/Animation (
Matthew Vince - Consultant
Web Site Design and Development/Computer Technology (