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Technical Training and Workforce Development

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Technical Training and Workforce Development

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Training Justification and Return On Investment

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I am frequently asked by equipment owners what the return on investment (ROI) is for the dollars they spend on operator training. I tell them it is difficult to quantify; however, I can say without reservation that one serious accident could set a company back tens of thousands of dollars or more. Improper equipment operation can lead to premature component failure and excessive wear and tear on equipment leading to expensive repairs. That in itself answers the ROI concern and is justification for operator training.

As an experienced and qualified training specialist with over 40 years experience as an equipment trainer, I know frequent operator safety training can reduce the likelihood of an accident and strengthen safety awareness. All employees who work with and around heavy equipment regardless of their past training and level of experience benefit from attending frequent safety training sessions.


Steve Price, Equipment Training Specialist

Safety Compliance – OSHA/ANSI/MSHA Standards – NCCER Curriculum – Custom Courses